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Olympic National Park Hike

Washington State...July 2002

'Whiskey Bend' to 'North Fork'

'Lake Margaret'

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I've posted 14 pictures of 'Lake Margaret'. This is a real nice spot, but you won't be able to camp here. The Park Service has 'no camping' signs posted in various locations. I stayed here for about 2 hrs, and I went swimming. The water was actually warm, and it felt great.
At this location, which is the 'low divide' #42 on the map, another trail takes off from the trail that I'm hiking and heads up to higher lakes. The lakes are called 'Martin Lakes', and there suppose to be really pretty. When I was asking questions at the 'Ranger Station', about the hike they suggested or recommended checking them out. Theres suppose to be some really good view points up there. Hopefully next time I hike this route I will be able to check them out.