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Photo Album

These pictures are my favorites, I will be posting new ones when I feel the quality is good enough. I used a compression of only 15% before up-loading these pictures so the file size of the larger pictures will be therefore the pictures may take a moment to load. Sometimes when compressing image files you lose quality in the picture. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Just click on the pictures to enlarge photo's.

52602-2mf-macro-motherchick 52702-2mf-macro-myrtle 52502-2mf-macro-dogwood 52602-2mf-macro-fuscia 60702-2mf-macro-peach 60702-2mf-macro-pansy 61102-2mf-macro-pelargonium
61102-2mf-macro-azalea 61302-2mf-macro-trillium 61802-2mf-macro-iris 062002-2mf-macro-whitebells 062202-2mf-macro-iris 070102-2mf-macro-fuscia 070802-2mf-macro-peonease
071002-2mf-macro-creeping charlie 071402-2mf-macro-unknown 071802-2mf-macro-unknown