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Goat Rocks Wilderness Hike
'Shoe Lake to Elk Pass'

This picture was taken in the morning, and it is the south side of Shoelake. Like I had mentioned earlier you can follow this trail around part of the lake then it will connect with the Crest Trail. Theres no need to climb back up the trail and back track. Once you are down by the Lake there will be a trail that follows the lake shoreline, just stay on that trail and about 3/4 mile it will connect with the Crest Trail.

This is another picture of Shoelake. Its so neat up here, everything smells so good and clean and its real quiet. Its kind of cool being up here by this beautiful lake and no one around, very peaceful.

This is a shot of some jagged peaks looking up from the trail. Just finished walking through a nice stand of timber, really pretty forest. There wasn't alot of under brush, it was park like.

Heres a picture of a pond. The hike down to this pond has been real easy and most of it has been down hill. Once you leave Shoelake you will be dropping down into a basin. Its all very pretty, and good trail. This pond is about 1 mile from Shoelake.

Another Lake, this one is called 'Lutz Lake'. Nice spot to camp. If you started from Whitepass early you could make it to this spot in one day.

Here is a shot of 'Mt Rainier'. I've been going up, the trail is steep and there is alot of switch backs. Really nice views. I would like to make it to 'Elk Pass'. From 'Elk Pass' the trail is narrow and there isn't any place to camp for about 3 miles. So if it gets kind of late or I get tired I won't try the extra 3 miles, I will just stay at 'Elk Pass'.

Another picture of a jagged peak, and 'seeing' alot of little trees. I can see for miles up here, and I'm continuously getting views of both 'Mt.Adams' and 'Mt.Rainier'.

These 3 shots are of the view up here. One is another peak, and theres one of 3 waterfalls, but you may not be able to make out the falls in the pic. And the Third shot is just a pretty picture with some snow on the far peaks.

Check this out, heres a picture of two Lama's. This shot was taken about a half mile from 'Elk Pass'. I will be camping out at a location that will give me a view of this spot. I had watch these Lama's eating grass and just laying around, for most of the evening, after I set up camp.
The Lama's belong to a young couple and there son. They had set up camp for the night in the trees, just behind the Lama's in the picture. They were using the Lama's for hauling camping supplies.

I've taken two more pictures of the 'Elk Pass area'. One is where I camped and the other picture is of 'old snowe', a ridge that seems to always have snow on it.

These two pictures were taken at 'Elk Pass' also. One is at sunset and the other is of sunrise.

I've taken two pictures, one of the trail leading up out of 'Elk Pass' and another picture of the trail looking back down to 'Elk Pass'.